How Can I Receive A Debt-Free Degree?

    Students the world over will be receiving notification shortly that they have (or have not) been successful in their A-Levels and will be going to university in September. University isn’t the only option, and it is possible to get a degree completely debt-free.

    No Student Loans? 🧐

    The bog standard apprenticeship scheme can be fairly limiting to some should they wish to complete a qualification while earning at the same time. It’s not uncommon for people to assume that an apprenticeship is the end of education, and once you’ve completed your 18 months studying and working for a small wage it’s time for you to start “actually working”.

    This in fact, is a complete lie.

    Degree apprenticeships exist – and I’m considering completing one. Once you’ve completed your Level 3, there are options (albeit fairly limited currently) to move onto and receive the degree that your heart desires.

    You’ll be earning a full, real wage by this point and with your employers support, you will be able to complete a full degree without having to apply for and receive student loans. This means that your degree will be completely debt-free and you will not have to pay back a single penny.

    Degree apprenticeships are completed across 3-4 years, which is the same as the average length of time for an undergraduate course in the UK. It’s a big commitment for both you and your employer, who will be paying your course fees, but it is something to consider.

    Why choose a debt-free degree apprenticeship?

    Instead of heading the traditional route of A-Levels, University, and struggling to find a post-grad job in your field, a degree apprenticeship allows you to:

    • Work in the sector you’re studying from Day 1.
    • Work towards and receive the same degree as everyone else, debt-free.
    • Experience university life without the pressure of struggling of moving away.
    • Make friends outside of your work circle.
    • Spend a week or so away in a different city every semester without committing to living in grotty student accommodation.
    • Enjoy a stable wage packet every month.

    Studying at university isn’t for everyone. Moving away, struggling to juggle a part time job with completing coursework and living life, and the atmosphere itself can be difficult. However, a degree apprenticeship allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

    You can work full time, while being allocated working hours to study (getting paid to read? Get in!). You can make university friends, without having to wake up to their rancid mouldy plates from last semester in the sink.

    A debt-free degree such as a degree apprenticeship is the way forward. And I’m quite looking forward to starting mine next September (fingers crossed!). I haven’t even finished my Level 3 in Digital Marketing yet! I’ll be known as the forever apprentice.

    Why you should consider a degree apprenticeship