My Goals & Aspirations for September 2020

    Back last year before I went self-hosted with my blog, every month I set myself some goals. These were a combination of both blog-focused and personal-life things I wished to achieve every month.

    This year, for many obvious reasons, I haven’t done this. However, I feel like September can become (hopefully) a turning point for 2020. We’ve been through months of some awful, awful stuff and I want September 1st to mark the day everything gets back on track.

    Goals For September 2020

    • No unnecessary spending! It’s time to get your finances in order, missy! You’ve set yourself a weekly £50 budget, with £5 daily boosters. Stay in budget, and look after yourself.
    • No sneaky takeaways! You’re struggling with this one as you write, because it’s so much easier to order-in than cook and do the washing up. But treat it as self care. Prove to yourself that you’re more than a packet of chips.
    • Start and end each day with a relaxing, hot drink. You have a growing stash of green teas. Drink them! They’re soothing both for your body and your mind.
    • Get your full to-do list done each day! That’s right, it’s time to stop procrastinating. Show your colleagues what you’re made of! Get everything done, and ask for more work if needed.
    • Find your routine. Mid-way through lockdown, you started to get into a great routine. Where has it gone? Wake up early, clear your mind before work. Make lunches productive. Calm and soothe after work. Get some exercise!
    • 1 load of laundry daily. As you write this, the bedroom is a tip. Get the washing done, and put it away. You bought a special laundry basket for a reason!

    Goals For 1st to 7th September 2020

    Something I want to do differently is break everything down into weekly, more manageable goals. Also, here is where I can add in smaller, but more daunting, things that I wish to achieve.

    • 10k steps every day.
    • Stay within budget!
    • Apply Audavate 2* daily.
    • No alcohol.

    There’s a mix in here of things that I want to achieve both for my mental and physical health. I’m hoping 1 or 2 small changes here (such as reducing takeaways and alcohol) will help make some noticeable changes in my own wellbeing.

    Are you looking forward to September 2020? I hope it turns out OK. I’d like to say it can’t get much worse, but then we all know what happens when we say that out loud.