How Millennials Are Saving Money 💸

    Saving money is a great idea. We all have a dream of having a savings account filled with at least the equivalent of a month’s wages, if not two months. However, actually getting started and being able to put a decent percentage of what you earn every month away can be challenging.

    Millennials the world over are known for their apparent wasteful spending and inability to budget correctly. However, it’s this generation and the generation below it that are faced with tougher financial situations, increased house prices, and harder to pay off student loans when compared with generations before.

    This isn’t to say millennials shouldn’t be structuring their spending properly, because everyone should be. I’ve compiled a few tips and tricks millennials have learnt in order to have a small, somewhat comfortable savings account behind them. And no, it doesn’t include cutting down on drinking coffee and buying less avocados. In fact, if you follow these tips you’ll be able to buy more of the things articles like to say we spend too much money on.

    Plan your month in advance 📅

    Planning your month in advance to payday can allow you to really understand what it is that comes out of your bank account, and when. You can use this information to put together budget sheets and plan your bills wisely.

    To start planning your month in advance, I’d open a notepad or a Google Sheet and write the dates starting with either the 1st of the month (or, whenever payday happens for you) and list every single bill that comes out of your account, and how much it costs. It might help to go into your banking app on your phone and look at the list of direct debits, standing orders, etc. Don’t forget to look at your PayPal app, and credit cards too.

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