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100+ Blog Niches And Ideas To Take Advantage Of

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Coming up with a topic or idea for your blog niche can be difficult, especially if you want to end up monetising your posts. Luckily for you, I’ve put together this extensive list for you to read and choose your perfect blog content! Feel free to pick and choose, and mix and match! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve chosen any of these ideas for your own blog!

A great list of topics and ideas can be difficult to stumble across, so you’ve struck a pot of gold!

Something you should take note of, is that it is possible to monetise any niche. It’s important you keep on top of all your digital marketing techniques, and you learn from what you see online to use for your own blog. I’d recommend picking your niche from below, narrowing down your audience, and learning about the marketing mix in order to take advantage of everything.

So… are you ready to start your new life as a fully-monetised blogger? Here you go!

Profitable Blog Niche Ideas

  1. Travel / travelling
  2. Fitness
  3. Healthy eating
  4. New recipes
  5. Football
  6. Rugby
  7. Quick recipes
  8. Cheap recipes
  9. Luxury recipes
  10. Home style / decor
  11. Non-alcoholic cocktail recipes
  12. Cocktail recipes
  13. Freezer food recipes
  14. Cupboard staples recipes
  15. Chart music reviews
  16. Indie music reviews
  17. Music magazine
  18. Technology
  19. Diary entries / lifestyle
  20. Healthy living
  21. Business planning
  22. Brand assistance
  23. Gaming
  24. Fashion
  25. Affordable clothes hauls
  26. Travel / travelling
  27. Fitness
  28. Healthy eating
  29. New recipes
  30. Football
  31. Rugby
  32. Quick recipes
  33. Cheap recipes
  34. Luxury recipes
  35. Home style / decor
  36. Non-alcoholic cocktail recipes
  37. Cocktail recipes
  38. Freezer food recipes
  39. Cupboard staples recipes
  40. Chart music reviews
  41. Indie music reviews
  42. Music magazine
  43. Technology
  44. Diary entries / lifestyle
  45. Healthy living
  46. Business planning
  47. Brand assistance
  48. Gaming
  49. Fashion
  50. Affordable clothes hauls
  51. Luxury clothes hauls
  52. Office-wear clothes hauls
  53. Vegetarian recipes
  54. Vegan recipes
  55. How-to tutorials
  56. Hair styles
  57. Hair care
  58. Make-up tutorials
  59. Town / city local recommendations
  60. Personal finance tips
  61. Share your story
  62. Tell a funny story about yourself or your business
  63. Share videos on your life
  64. Share videos on business events
  65. Talk about products you enjoy, and how they’ve improved your life
  66. Share inspirational quotes you enjoy
  67. Ask your audience what you should post
  68. Reduced product reviews
  69. Promote new product releases by favoured brands
  70. Share your dream / vision board
  71. Create a challenge for your niche
  72. Create a mini-course for your audience
  73. Host a giveaway
  74. Share your morning routine
  75. Talk about people who inspire you
  76. Discuss 3 personal development books
  77. Time saving tips
  78. Week-preparation tips
  79. Daily routines
  80. Favourite mobile apps
  81. Create a “letter to my younger self”
  82. Create a “letter to my older self”
  83. Favourite snacks
  84. Fitness for busy people
  85. Body weight training
  86. Muscle gain training
  87. Yoga flows
  88. Online business
  89. Freelancing
  90. Social media marketing tips
  91. Apartment living
  92. Renter living
  93. First time buyer
  94. Interior design
  95. Family blog
  96. Parent blog
  97. Bullet journalling
  98. Comics
  99. Wedding planning
  100. Gifting
  101. Celebrity news
  102. Exercising at home
  103. Musical instrument teaching
  104. Do-it-yourself tutorials
  105. Skincare
  106. Cars
  107. Life skills
  108. TV / Film reviews
  109. Creative writing
  110. Restaurant reviews
  111. Time management tips
  112. Dating

That’s it! I’ll return to this post regularly to add any more that I’ve stumbled across that may be worth your time, but now you want to know how to earn money through your chosen niche!

As mentioned, any niche can earn money but it’s important you choose one you’ll enjoy writing and sharing content about for the foreseeable. Something fun will make it feel less like a chore.

How To Turn Your Niche Into A Money Making Machine

Writing a profitable blog takes hard graft and daily focus. You need to decide within your niche whether you’re going to monetise the blog itselfsell a product (or products), or sell a service. Deciding between these 3 means you are well on your way to becoming a monetised blogger, and a fully fledged digital marketer.

Monetise A Property (the blog itself)

This is often the most popular (and sometimes, easiest) way to begin making money through your online presence.

It’s a simple idea, you place ads on your content and learn how to drive traffic to your blog in order to earn through these ads. Or, you earn commercially through sponsored or paid for content.

You can sign up for free to platforms like Google Adsense, or once you reach enough visitors you can move to MediaVine. You place code into your blog and they share ads across your site. Hits (or views) will see these ads and you will earn a small amount for each visitor.

Similarly, you can host your own ads in sidebars or as banners on specific pages of your site which brands & businesses can pay for their placement for a set time.

There’s also paid articlesaudience membershipssubscriptions, and donations. Two platforms I recommend to use for subscriptions & donations are Patreon and Ko-Fi.

Sell Products

A blog can easily become a magnet for traffic. In the best case scenario, it will become a promoter or a recommender for specific products and brands.

You can promote items across your blog easily, such as clothes you wear daily or items you’ve used to style your home.

It’s simple enough these days to start selling your own products, become an affiliate for brands, or drop-ship items from other sites and send it directly to the customer.

Or, you could sell digital products such as e-books, guides, or music.

Sell a service

You can use your new blog as a platform to promote and sell a service you offer.

This can either be a physical service, one which you deliver your offerings in real life such as hotel bookings, food deliveries, and more. Or, you could sell a digital service, such as your freelance or digital support. It’s not uncommon for a blogger to offer a digital service.

Go forward and make money!

Now you’ve got an idea of what your blog will be about, and you’ve learnt methods to earn through this blog. It’s now time to start setting up your blog!

You can use free platforms such as Blogger or WordPress to begin with, but if you want to be seen as trustworthy and to start earning your place in Google search results, you will want to go self hosted.

What do you think of these ideas and topics to write about to earn some money? Got any ideas you wish to share? Comment them below!

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