2019 Goals & Aspirations

New Year new me? Right? Well… Actually. Resolutions often sink to the bottom of the pile, especially when you start the year off with a cold and you tell yourself the new year will start on the first Monday. Not this year! 

I’ve decided instead of throwing myself in the deep end with hard to keep resolutions, I’m setting myself overall goals, and monthly steps to take to achieve them. I’m hoping this helps me stay on track, and I can get to the top of my game.

My overall goals and aspirations for the year are:

  • To be less angry and upset unnecessarily. I will be working towards this by reminding myself to take a step back from the situation, breathe and wait until I’ve calmed down before responding. 
  • To save £1,000 overall. This will take the entire year to complete. I’m starting this by paying off all my debts, and then I will put the money I would’ve used to pay off my debts in the following months into savings, and also completing the Penny-A-Day Challenge. This is where you put 1p, 2p, 3p… into a savings account every day until you get to £3.65 (the last day of the year!) and you can save a decent chunk of money.
  • To restart my blog and YouTube channel. Ta dah! One of the reasons I’m writing this post really. At first, I will be writing one post a month, and uploading one video a month, just to get back into the swing of things. Then we’ll see about getting a custom URL for my channel, and buying my own domain for this here blog. 
  • To work on myself, improving my mental and physical health. Take medicine when it needs to be taken. Don’t ignore any pains or sickness. Remove myself from situations where I feel like my brain is taking a battering. Blocking, muting, deleting where necessary.
  • To remember to take my vitamins correctly every day. This one also includes remembering to take my pill. Which, I started the year off right by forgetting January 1st. However, I’m going to set reminders on my phone again and wake up on time. Hopefully.
  • To walk more, and get the bus less. I have got into the bad habit of getting the bus to college unnecessarily. Also, where possible I would like to start walking to work. This is just to get me moving more as I spend a lot of time sat at my desk.
  • To spend less money on stuff I don’t need. This goes hand in hand with saving money really. I’m good at saving, but I also thoroughly enjoy spending. If it isn’t something that I absolutely require to live, I can live without it, and therefore I don’t need to spend money on it.
  • To film 1 second every day. I’ve attempted this every year since I got my first iPod back in 2012. I’ve always wanted a video diary, and for some reason I drop off around March time. This year, hopefully, will be fully documented.
  • To take 1 photo every day. Similar to 1 second every day, I’d like to take one photo every day to make some kind of scrapbook. I want to upload these monthly, similar to dividing my year into photographic “chapters” with each day being a new page. This was inspired by the popular Tumblr-esque quote you see on the 1st January every year “Page 1 of 365”. Let’s see how this goes, shall we?

What are your goals for the year? Some of mine are simple, and probably completely arbitrary, however I like them. 

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