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This blog post is more like a diary entry, so I can look back and remember what happened yesterday, as I think I’d like to. Yesterday was quite a good day.
I woke up and completed the writing task for my apprenticeship, so they could see my writing style and if I could work to a deadline like I said I could. I’ll post a copy of that on here, as I’m quite proud of the work I did.
Mum went off for her operation (or ‘procedure’ as it was less of an operation and more of a 5 minute breather for mums veins, haha) to get her carpal tunnel fixed, and now she has a boxing glove style bandage on her wrist.
Madeline came round and refused to leave, like always. She’s a lovely child is Madeline. For a baby that was premature, and her mum was told she’d be a bit slow at developing, she’s able to hold a full conversation at 2 years old.
The main reason I’m writing this phone call is for this, though… I received a phone call from Molly. I was offered the apprenticeship role. I’ve been applying for jobs for two years now, getting nowhere, and there I was standing on the landing, shaking, smiling and as soon as the phone call ended I ran downstairs to tell Nanny and Granddad. I was so happy.
Yesterday was such a great day. I was laying in bed, getting ready to go to sleep but people in the college group chat said that our grades were on Blackboard, so I checked, and I had received the grades I needed. I finished college with a Distinction Distinction Merit final grade.
26th June 2017 also marks two years since my Year 11 Prom. Since I cut all my hair off in a blind panic. Since I said a final goodbye to a lot of people. And I’ve changed a lot since then.
I’m so proud of who I’ve become, what I’ve achieved and what I am hoping to achieve in the future.
I got my first full time job yesterday. It’s been a long time coming.
Thanks for reading,

Lucy-Kate xx
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