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Remember, Remember, the 5th of November 🧨

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November 🧨

Myself and my partner, Reece, went out to watch the fireworks at Fitzmaurice Park on Sunday 5th November.

It was a good time, a bit mentally overstimulating, and Reece struggled at times having to stand or stay in one place without too much stimulation, but overall, it was a good night.

Reece had a cheese and bacon burger from Zak’s burger van. It was a large, juicy, delicious burger and order times were fast. We got there quite early before most of the crowds, so managed to get our food served quite quickly.

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November 🧨

I myself had a portion of The Bucket List‘s bonfire night special “She Bangs” which consisted of braised beef and bacon gravy, crispy onions, mozzarella, aioli. I had mine without the mozzarella and aioli as I wasn’t really in the mood for cheese or aioli.

However – as itself it was a huge portion and I really enjoyed it.

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November 🧨

For £5 a person, entry wasn’t extortionate. They had a blanket ban on personal, handheld fireworks (including sparklers) which was strongly enforced.

There was plenty to see and do. A wide variety of street food vans, as well as sweet treats and bars. There was a good selection of fairground rides, which we didn’t partake in, as we both felt 1) too old and 2) like we’d throw up after we’d just eaten.

The fireworks went off at exactly 7:30pm and lasted a good 10 minutes. There was a good mix of silent, quiet and loud bang fireworks – majority being quiet until near the very end, which I believe the neighbours and any pets in the area would appreciate.

The display had a great variety of different firework types – my favourite being the ones which replicated Catherine wheels in the air.

We both had a good night, and didn’t end up spending too much money. It was great to go to a public firework display again, now that COVID restrictions are over and Reece isn’t working hospitality hours.

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