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A Cold Start To October.

A Cold Start To October.

Despite my best efforts, I didn’t get to achieve all I set out last month.

I managed to post a new blog post every fortnight (or thereabouts), and I launched my Ko-Fi. However I never did end up posting daily on TikTok or Instagram…

But I do have a load of scheduled Tweets going out, which doesn’t really mean much as the platform’s dying anyway. I can’t wait for SocialPilot to have API access to Threads so I can schedule content over there. I might even return to scheduling pins on Pinterest. Desperate!

I’m starting October with a horrendous cold and I’m trying my hardest to pretend it isn’t happening to me. I’m taking antibiotics (leftover from a previous infection… Don’t tell the doctors), cold and flu tablets, and ibuprofen. My head still feels incredibly heavy.

I’ll set myself some incredibly basic goals for October:

Continue with my personal training

Something I did manage to kickstart last month is my personal training. I won a competition for a month’s worth of sessions with Body by NRG. I’ve started lifting (not so) heavy objects and moving my body in new ways at the gym which is incredibly exciting. If it wasn’t for this damn cold I’d be going again tomorrow for another session but my body really needs to rest and recover, to be honest.

A Cold Start To October.

Continue to share regular content

I would like to continue in the routine I have now with content publishing. A post roughly every two weeks on here, and a post as often as possible on my Ko-Fi. I still would like to get just one subscriber or donation on there, to prove to myself the effort is worth it. I’ll need to brainstorm some incredibly valuable content and start producing some excellent items to put on the store on there too.

While it’s not daily, I have been sharing as regularly as possible on TikTok – and I’d like to continue with that as much as possible. I’m currently held in the 200-300 view jail and I think if I work hard enough I can break past this. I might need to regather the courage to go live on there again, I think using all the features help to grow your account.

Study regularly!

We finally received our assignment due dates for this trimester. I think it’s because I started to get a bit arsey with the team that they hurried themselves along a bit. It is incredibly frustrating that two modules in a row now the assignment due dates haven’t been published along with the module content and I’ve been unable to put together a full study schedule aligned with due dates at the beginning.

I’ve been a bit slack for my first full module that actually means something – so I do need to do some catching up already. I’ll be ok – I always am – and a Christmas module is fairly decent to request an assignment extension if needed because it wont eat into my next module. Obviously, I’ll try to avoid that as much as possible.

I do know that I need to get 70%+ on all my remaining modules to get a First when I graduate. I’d love a First.

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