About Me

Who am I? Where am I from? How old am I? Well, let me introduce myself: I’m Lucy Kate Burton and I’m from Norwich, Norfolk; I’m 22 years old; and I love all things writing, food, “lifestyle”, and so much more!

I’m currently working for a digital marketing and SEO agency as a Digital Marketing Executive having previously studied Business Administration Level 2 as an apprentice for the same company. I’ve now completed a Level 3 Digital Marketer apprenticeship and the opportunities it’s opening up for me are unbelievable. I’m learning so much about content creation, social media management, and website building. Moving on to my degree in Digital Marketing is my next goal to elevate my career.

I’ve created this blog as a platform to express myself, write about what I want, and have somewhere other than Instagram and Twitter to document my life. You’ll find posts on food, where I live, places I go, products I like, and experiences I’ve had, all dotted over this blog.

This blog isn’t the first blog I’ve had, but it’s the one I’ve worked hardest on and learnt the most through. I started this with a theme that just wouldn’t do as I told it to, an about section that just wouldn’t read pictures, and a blog post that gave me a headache to write. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re a brand wanting to get in touch, or a reader wanting to say hi, feel free to send me an email!. Any posts with the title marked with an asterisk (*) include products that were sent to me for review, or are sponsored. There will also be a disclaimer in the post itself. Visit my content disclaimer page for more information.

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