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Damaged Hot Oil Hair Treatment – Lush Oxford Street Purchase Review

I can’t believe how good this product is. 

I’ve never once considered using a Lush hair product because of the prices (I mean, they’re not usually within my budget!) but I am impressed. I bought the Damaged Hot Oil Hair Treatment on a whim while in Lush Oxford Street, hoping it wouldn’t melt in my suitcase on the train back from Norwich. 

When I used it I was expecting it to be like any other hair treatment I’ve used, you put it on, it makes your hair soft, and then when you wash it again your hair is dry again. Or, the alternative is that usually oil treatments make my hair super greasy, and it takes weeks to get my hair back to how it was.

This miracle melt not only didn’t make my hair greasy enough to make a fry up, it softened and has continued to be soft since I used it Sunday, and it’s now Wednesday. 

My hair is in a hell of a state. Or at least, it was. Dry, split ends, and greasy grown out roots. Bits were breaking off or falling out, and it’s in the worst condition it’s ever been in. However, it’s softer than it has been for months now I’ve used this product.

I can see myself stocking up on these hair treatments, to use weekly until all my dye has grown out and my hair isn’t damaged anymore. Once my hair isn’t damaged, I’m considering using another hot oil treatment, or shampoo/conditioner product from Lush, because this has really sold their range to me.

To use it, you simply place the treatment into a mug, and fill it three quarters of the way to the top with boiling water. You then stir to mix until completely combined, and leave to cool for 20 mins. 

It’ll still be warm, but not scalp-burningly hot and you’re now able to apply to dry, unwashed hair. I applied mine with what is supposed to be a hair dye brush, but you can apply it with your hands or however you wish. 

I spent a few minutes making sure I had rubbed it into my hair and then left it for 20 to 30 mins (I don’t really know, I lost track of time!) while it was wrapped up on my hair with my head wrapped in clingfilm. You then have to shampoo it out. If you have any left over, I recommend using it over the next week in place of your usual conditioner just to get the most use out of the product. 

(If you have any empty Lush face mask or shower jelly tubs – clean them out and put your left overs in there and keep in the fridge for up to 7 days!) 

I can see this becoming my new favourite product to use on Sunday treat day. Wrapping my head with this on and then relaxing in the bath for a while, until it’s time to shampoo it out. 

What’s your hair miracle?

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