Day 1 of 365 – 01/01/2021

One of my personal aims for this year is to really document how I am, and how I’m doing, and what I’m feeling when I’m feeling it. The past year was incredibly difficult, and it’s hard to pinpoint why and where I was feeling through the year.

I know there was bad stuff I was feeling this time last year, but I can’t put my finger on when the turning point was or what the ultimate breaking point was. So this year, I’m working on writing everything I can down and sharing it wherever possible.

I also neglected this little blog site last year because I didn’t feel like what I wanted to share was worth sharing – and there’s none of that this year either. I will get my moneys worth for this site – I’m not going to waste a fiver a month hosting this domain when I can be working on it and making the most of it.

It’s hard to describe what I am and what I want to be in a years time, but I know first and foremost I love to write. I used to write so much fiction that I couldn’t write or type fast enough to my brain. Then I got older and lost the spark, but I know to write you need to just scramble for words and put them onto paper.

This is my opportunity to write again. To be again.

In 2022 I want to be better, feel better and live better. If that means being a writer who romanticises her life and dramatises bits and pieces, so be it.

Today is Saturday, January 1st 2021. I spent the entirety of the morning sleeping in, and I slept until 1pm. I was sleeping off the alcohol I drank last night to celebrate the New Year. I celebrated at midnight with my best friend Soph and their boyfriend, Max. Anni – Soph’s new roommate and a girl we’ve known and thought adorable for years – joined us just after midnight for a little bit which was really nice.

I slept in, and then Reece and I both woke up and he got ready for his pub shift. I took a shower, taking time to wash my entire body, clean my teeth and moisturise after. I’m really trying to put effort into this part of my daily routine, and remember to moisturise and apply all my lotions and potions I use to stay soft and clean.

Not much has really happened today – it’s a slow day and one of rest. I took a bath later in the evening after a dinner I concocted using a Spanish chicken sauce. I used bacon and sausage instead of chicken because I simply didn’t have any in the fridge, and added rice to bulk it out a bit. I froze the leftovers to eat another day when I’m feeling lazy.

I’m really feeling quite appreciative this New Year – and I’m anticipating a good year.

Things To Live For #1: Sweet smelling aromatherapy essential oils.

Another small personal goal I want to work towards is to try and achieve Dry January. Last year I felt like it would be impossible – I was relying a little on a drink after work to break the day up a little and give me something to look forward to while working from home and feeling incredibly low.

I owe it to myself last year to look after myself in every way possible.

In an attempt to help myself towards achieving this, I poured the remainder of my Passionfruit Martini pre-mix down the drain. My bottles of gin simply can be decoration, at least for January.

This year I feel I can achieve it – I don’t need to drink every day to feel better. I can simply be better.

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