Day 2 of 365 – Happy Sunday

Today was a really good day, woke up at a semi-regular hour to feed little man and settled back into bed for an hour to cuddle with Reece until we had to wake up. We got ready to go visit his Nan and Great Grandad – we were there for an hour and just chatted about anything and everything.

It’s quite nice to be able to go do these things with Reece, as I know these memories he has right now with his Great Grandad may be few and far between going forward.

I’m wanting to work on saving money and also eating a bit healthier, so I’ve bought myself a lunchbox and some bits to put together my lunch for the week – all taken out of my lunch budget I set myself based on how much it costs for me to have a meal deal every day.

Since coming home, I’ve worked on putting together a weekly cleaning planner to help nudge us both in the right direction – and this will be great for me since I’m trying to get back on track after The Great Depression of 2020-21. This is all part of my feel better, be better resolutions.

It’s only basic and it shouldn’t really need to be a thing, but it’s akin to what I pin regularly on Pinterest anyway so why not make my own?

I’m feeling good today – and I’m planning on taking a shower shortly to wash my hair, my face and moisturise my body. I’m wanting to settle down this evening with a hot chocolate and my Animal Crossing 1000 piece puzzle my best friend got me for Christmas, how cosy of me!

Things To Live For #2: Waking up next to someone you love.

I’m being successful two days in with not drinking – it’ll be next week that’ll be the hardest I feel with returning to work and juggling the exhaustion of trying to get my sleeping pattern back on track.

I’m trying not to do too much all at once, however I do want to get my gym membership back so I can at least have a de-stress walk on a treadmill in the evening instead of a bottle of wine.

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