Day 3 of 365 – Playing The Game

Today was a really good day and one I hope is a template for days to come this year. Something that really got me down last year was the lack of doing. I never got to go anywhere, do anything, see anything and especially didn’t get to do any of this with Reece very often due to lack of availability, motivation on his part and free time for us both.

There’s so much that I see other couples doing together that I long for, and I finally had a day where we did something together, for us both.

Alright, it was a bit on the rocks at first as we had to find a way to get Reece’s stomach to settle but we started by popping to Morrisons to get ourselves a meal deal and enjoyed sitting to eat this in their little coffee bar area.

Then came the main event – alright, I’ll admit arcade games aren’t my favourite but getting to see Reece enjoy himself and be with him while he does so is my favourite. We bought ourselves day passes to Retro Replay, a gaming lounge and bar based in Castle Quarter.

There’s so much to choose from – and the game I most enjoyed was Guitar Hero. The attraction is that all the games are retro (hence the name) and they allow you to play games on all generations from the very beginning with large, hefty arcade machines for Mario, PacMan and Space Invaders through to slightly more modern options including the Wii U and original Xbox & Xbox 360 consoles.

However – we both decided we wouldn’t return again, at least very soon, despite thoroughly enjoying ourselves. The machinery we understand is incredibly old and expensive to upkeep but a good number of the machines were off or unplayable due to broken screens or controllers. We experienced this with the Mario machine in the far back of the main room, a racing arcade machine in the middle back and Guitar Hero had a broken guitar with no strap so it was tricky to play together.

We did spend a good 4 and a half hours at Retro Replay with a brief break to pop to TK Maxx to get Reece some new trainers as his shoes were falling apart.

We then returned home to feed our cat, Grayson, and decided to head to Stonehouse for a carvery. This is fairly local to us and there’s never really been a bad experience. The person serving us our meats was a jolly fellow and we got a decent portion considering we got there and there was just the end of the meats available.

Things To Live For #3: Days spent with loved ones

I’m incredibly proud of myself also – I had a great opportunity to have an alcoholic drink but instead I chose a Passionfruit Soda. It was a really nice beverage, and a good replacement tastewise for a Passionfruit Martini. The most I drank was a sip to taste Reece’s pint but that was barely enough to coat the tongue.

I could’ve caved and had a glass of rosé or a cocktail, but I didn’t. The next full challenge is getting through this week. However, one day at a time.

Overall, I had a great day and made good memories for the start of the year.

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