Day 5 of 365 – It’s Exhausting

I am so exhausted – I didn’t get much sleep through the night with Grayson waking me up at 3am being an absolute nutcase and screaming for his breakfast and being unable to get back to sleep. Reece had a moment through the night where he wasn’t feeling to great either so overall I’ve been running on like 4 hours for the whole night.

I’m a bit of a nightmare when I don’t get enough sleep and I got really stressed out and stormed off into the living room where after Reece and I both calmed down, we cried and cuddled for a bit until I had to wake up for work.

I’m trying really hard to be financially sensible through 2022 however I really needed something to boost me through the day, so I bought myself a savoury pastry and a mocha from Pret for breakfast. This was stronger coffee-wise than I expected but I soon got used to the taste.

Despite suffering the entire day and feeling sluggish, I ended up having a decently productive work day. Myself and my manager revisited the structure of my SEO and social media packages, and we ended up improving the offering so clients would get the most benefit.

Things To Live For #5: Coming Home To A Fresh Environment

While I was at work, Reece had a move round of the bedroom for a little bit of a refresh. It makes me anxious at work while he touches my stuff – not that I have anything to hide but I really don’t like it.

Turns out – I had somewhat of a good reason to be anxious as Reece ended up breaking our TV. The stand broke and we couldn’t get it stood up straight so he just bought us a new one off the bat from Argos.

I’m hoping with my plans financially for 2022 I can begin to also just buy spontaneous TVs (or, a laptop…) without any concerns.

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