Day 6 of 365 – Breaking the Pact

Today at work we began focusing on the marketing strategies for one of our clients, who really I believe are looking to us more for business structure advice than a marketing plan but we can only provide what we’ve put in the proposal.

These documents will be quite the heavy piece of paperwork and I can’t wait to have them over and done with but due to the limited timeframe my manager has allowed for this we’re focusing just on 1 marketing strategy which covers 2 business areas combined. This then allows us to know exactly what they want to see in the final paperwork and make amends before focusing on the final strategies.

After work – I broke my sobriety pact. I feel a little rubbish about it, but I wanted to see my friends and have a laugh. So, I drank with them. I think I’m OK though – I’m not drinking to get through the day like I was before so I can trust myself just to have the odd drink here and there.

We went to visit the new Irish bar that had opened near Soph’s, and Anni (Soph’s new housemate) joined us, and then because the food and drink offering was a bit naff we went to Wetherspoons where Anni and Reece work.

After Anni left, Soph and I stayed for a little while longer and we thought we heard someone falling over. Turns out this was a fight and the guy was throwing chairs around and trying to hit Reece – who was having none of it.

I overheard one of Reece’s colleagues recalling the events to a police officer before Reece then came over to myself after giving his own statement to the police to reassure me that everything was ok before he sent me home.

I’m not a fan of this side of Reece’s job but hey ho.

Reasons To Live For #6: Evenings with Friends

Tomorrow – I focus on finishing the documents with my colleague at work and anxiously refreshing the Anglia Ruskin website because tomorrow is the last day they can give me an offer for my placement on their apprenticeship course.

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