Day 8 of 365 – Returning to Pastures Old?

Reece hates the idea of this completely but I’ve returned to Leaf Care Services part time as bank staff so I can work when I want to work to boost my overall income. Mum really needed me to help cover some shifts this weekend with her and so I accepted. It’s a small bit of extra cash I can spend without worrying about not being able to cover my bills and Reece doesn’t fully understand that I don’t think.

I’m risking it a bit as Mum has a stinking cold (as far as we’re all aware it’s not COVID) and I really don’t want to catch it. However – this is all a bit silly anyway as I got pinged at 8am this morning regarding my pub visits Thursday evening as it turns out I was a close contact to someone who tested positive.

I’m really hoping I don’t test positive as I need to be able to go to Cambridge on Friday. I don’t want to miss out on it if I can avoid it. I’m testing daily as per the recommendations and this should hopefully remain with negative results for the foreseeable.

Suffering with COVID in 2021 was a bad enough experience, I don’t think my lungs could handle it again. Especially as I had COVID-Pneumonia 6 weeks later which really took what was left of me.

Reasons To Live #8: Sticking to your New Years Resolutions, even 1 week on.

The care shift ended up taking the majority of the day – we had to combine a few rounds due to a staffing crisis and our lunch calls never ended up getting finished until 4pm.

I stayed with Mum for dinner and she got me some chips, a battered sausage and a pot of curry sauce for dinner which I’ve been asking after for weeks.

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