Day 9 of 365 – Uh Oh, Spaghettios

I think I’m getting Mum’s cold (fingers crossed not COVID) as my throat hurts, my ears feel blocked and I’m a bit sniffly. I did test negative last night and this morning so we can only hope.

I spent the morning once again working with Mum to help cover calls and this went more successfully than yesterday, and we were done by 1pm which was lovely.

Reece and I went to Morrisons once I got home so I could buy my lunch food for the week ahead. I’ve bought food for Friday to pack in my lunch but I’m not sure what 100% is happening yet so who knows.

I’ve tried to make my lunches a bit more interesting than just a plain tuna sandwich because I can see myself getting bored of this fast. I’ve bought some Peri Peri Mayonnaise and a variety of flavoured tuna (tomato & basil, and a spicier version).

Reasons To Live For #9: Trying new foods

I think this is still working out cheaper overall and I can see this helping me save money in the long run. Next month, alongside my lunch budget I’m going to give myself a weekly budget too for general spending money because I’m spending quite fast compared to what I was doing when I was on a weekly budget before.

In February, I’m going to return to the budget schedule I was on previously:

  • £5 daily transferred into my Monzo account from my monthly budget pot
  • £50 weekly transferred into my Monzo account from my monthly budget pot
  • £20 monthly transferred from my Monzo account into my Christmas budget pot

I think this is a good approach and will help me continue to curb my spending while I pay off my CapitalOne credit card and my PayPal Credit. I did the maths on Friday too and everything all going well should be paid off by the end of December/beginning of 2023! How exciting.

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