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Double Vitality Lush Bath Melt – Lush Oxford Street Purchase Review

Lush Double Vitality Bath Melt

Hi, hello, and welcome to the first in (hopefully!) a long series of Lush Cosmetics reviews. I recently went to London and paid a visit to Lush Oxford Street, and spent far, far too much money. Whoops. 

So, I thought I’d make it worthwhile and share my purchases with you, and review them. This first post is on the Double Vitality Bath Melt. I loved this product, I’ll say that.

I knew I was going to like this product from the second I sniffed it in store. I’m not sure whether this is something I can get in my local or not – but that’s okay. I bought three. And I’ll be back to Lush Oxford Street soon enough. 

My hand holding a Lush Double Vitality Bath Melt over my bathtub

As this is a bath melt, you have to be careful where you keep it and how long you hold it for, because it melts. It also feels quite greasy on my fingers, but it doesn’t leave me greasy after a bath.

Double Vitality smells gorgeous. If you know me well, you know that I’m addicted to minty smelling products, be it candles, bath products, perfumes, sweets, plants, anything. This bath melt is definitely one for the rebuy list for the scent alone. It’s minty fresh, but it’s not overpowering like toothpaste. It’s subtle, yet clings to your skin hours later so you still smell as fresh as you did the second you stepped out of the bath.

As for it’s performance in the bath, as it’s a bath melt it doesn’t fizz spectacularly, it doesn’t have a script to follow, it just melts away, and sort of reminds me of a Lava Lamp. Not to be confused with Lush’s bath fizzer, Lava Lamp. A real lava lamp.

The colour it produces is wonderful. It’s a pretty pink shade, so you’re not left feeling like you’re bathing in swamp water (I’m looking at you, Metamorphosis. I’m expecting a bath of black with that one!).

Overall, I’m very happy with this product, and I will be looking forward to using it again. However, I have about £50 worth of other products to get through and review first..!

Double Vitality doesn’t leave your skin oily either, like I’ve felt with other melts. I went in with itchy, dry skin from when I’d shaved the other day and I came out soft and smooth and refreshed.

I wouldn’t use this bath melt just before you go to sleep, I’d say keep it for when you have a bath in the morning time, as it did wake me up a little, energising me. 

Have you ever used Lush Double Vitality? What product do you want to see me try next?

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