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Breaking Bad Habits For One Year…

Breaking Bad Habits For One Year...

I haven’t really said anything about this out loud or on social media because I didn’t want it to be the usual case of setting a goal publicly and then never following through. But hey! I’m roughly half way to what I set out to achieve and I am finally ready to share.

I have an app on my phone titled “Big Day”. Big Day is an event countdown app. I have various things on here, counting down the days until my next holiday, next concert, or counting the days since I last did something.

I want to go 365 days (an entire year) without dyeing my hair, cutting my hair or biting my nails. I know you’re meant to have regular hair trims for it to grow, but quite frankly I just want to see what happens. 

200 Days Since I Dyed My Hair

I’m going to reach this goal first. Hopefully. My roots are growing long but luckily they’re not overly visible, the difference between my natural hair and my dyed/bleached/stripped/ruined hair is soft and actually looks okay. 
My actual goal for this is for my roots to grow long enough that the growth looks like a “natural dip-dye”. I hope it ends up working out! 

150 Days Since I Last Bit My Nails

This is an amazing achievement for myself, and I can’t take all the credit. Thanks to my lovely nail technician Nonie, I have a beautiful set of nails. I have a set of acrylic nails on currently. I chose to go for acrylic rather than try and fight this solo as I know myself far too well and I would never last this long without a bit of help.
My Saturday appointments are something to look forward to, a couple of hours of mindless natter to a woman who knows the ins and outs of my life just by working on my nails. This is the longest I’ve ever been without my nails going into my mouth, and I would like to one day try living the natural nail life but until then, my long and strong acrylics are doing me just fine.

150 Days Since I Last Cut My Hair

Now this is more of a “grow out an awkward done-at-home hair cut” my sister gave me. It wasn’t a bad job to be fair, but it’s not entirely even and I want to grow it long enough to stick in a high pony and be done with it.
It’s been 4 years since I was able to put my hair into a lovely long high pony (think Ariana Grande, but about 10 feet shorter). I drastically cut my hair for my year 11 prom and I’ve been suffering the grow-out process since. 

The 365 Goal

Now it would be nice to hit all 3 on the same day for consistency, but that can’t be helped. I’m very excited however to reach one year for each. I do have a plan which includes an almost entire makeover for November once all 3 have been scored, which I’m hoping I’ll share with you once I reach that point. 
I’ve learnt a lot since starting this, and that includes the urge to dye my hair bright red gets stronger with every passing day, but also that growing your natural, virgin hair out isn’t that bad after all.
Have you ever tried to do something like this? How did it work out? Have you ever broke a bad habit for good? Let me know! I’d love to hear how stopping dyeing your hair or biting your nails or breaking whichever habit you had worked out for you!
Breaking Bad Habits For One Year...
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