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Happy Spooky Day 👻🎃

Happy Spooky Day 👻🎃

So… Posting regular content didn’t really happen this month, did it? My Ko-Fi has fell off the wayside too, but I’m not feeling overly negative about it at this stage.

I’m still really just trying to find a good routine with everything I want to do, and achieve. It can be difficult juggling everything… And I mean everything.

  • Personal training & gym sessions
  • Studying towards my degree
  • Working and volunteering for the Sea Cadets
  • My full-time job
  • Finding time to relax & spend time with my partner and often my friends.
  • Create and share regular content online
  • See my family when I can

There’s a lot to fit in a small amount of time.

Anyway. October was rough, but not tough. I struggled at the beginning of the month with some COVID-like illness that didn’t show up on lateral flows but then ended up infecting everyone… Which was fun.

I then felt awful the entire rest of the month because I was ‘behind’ on work because my brain fog and exhaustion when ill left me unproductive for a week. Managed to catch up and finish 90% of everything, there’s just one client left who typically drags their heels anyway – so it’s not solely my fault. The work was completed like 2 weeks ago and we’re still waiting on go-live sign off.

November’s tomorrow. Spooky season is over, and so the festivities begin.

My goals and wishes for November…

Study hard.

My first assignment is due this month. I ideally want to get a first draft done this week, or at least an almost skeleton (heh 💀 still spooky season) of a draft for review to send to my course tutor.

I’ve kind of lost hope in getting a 1st in this assignment, which means I’ll probably end my entire degree with a 2.1 but there’s still a chance. I just need to claw back everything I’ve kind of let fall off over the past month.

It would be an absolute dream to get the best grades in my degree, I think I’d actually cry if that happened.

Work hard.

November’s a grind month. Client works ideally need to be done by the 14th November, and I want to do as much as I can to support the Sea Cadets too.

That involves:

  • Booking the staff Christmas meal
  • Starting the December newsletter draft
  • Working with other volunteers to get Facebook fundraising and ads set up
  • Additional volunteering time over the weekends if necessary

On top of all this – I still want to at least attempt to share regular content, somewhere, online. I’ve been fairly active regularly on TikTok, and it would be good to find a good pattern with everything.

There’s a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in, but I think I can make it work.

Play hard.

New furniture! We should be getting new furniture for the flat in November – four years after moving out. Lovely! I can’t wait for furniture to be ours, stuff we’ve chosen, and not second hand items. It’s going to look lovely after a fresh paint and new furniture.

We’re going to get a new couch next year, which I’m so looking forward to.

I’m going to count going to the gym and taking care of myself as playing hard too. It’s a chance to reset my brain, focus on me, and have a bit of a play with some heavy toys in the gym.

I’m also going to one final gig for the year – Louis Tomlinson. Last time I saw Louis all of life went wrong (you can read more if you donate to my Ko-Fi…) but this time should be good. It should be great, even.

My relaxation and down-time will be focused on making everyone’s Christmas presents. I’m planning on making everyone a cross-stitch thing for Christmas as after buying furniture we won’t have a lot of spare fun-money.

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