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Hello, 2024

Hello, 2024

It’s officially January 2024. This year seems exciting already – the fresh start is always a good feeling to me, and I love that opportunity to leave any negative experiences behind in a different chapter.

So this year, and we’re only 5 days in, I have started the ball rolling on something incredible and potentially life-changing – so we’ll see what happens with that. It’s not something that I’m pinning all hopes and dreams on, I haven’t lost anything if I miss out, I’m still in an incredible position so it’s just something fun and exciting that could happen.

Additionally, I received the results and feedback from one of my assignment submissions for the Data and Analytics module I sat last trimester (Sept-Dec). I only went and got a 1st (83%), an “outstanding” result! This is so much better than I could’ve hoped for, I worked really hard on that assignment to make sure I was answering the question correctly, writing what they wanted to read, citing good academic sources, and critically analysing everything I wrote.

I was working on that assignment in the hopes I did get a 1st, but I was only really aiming for a result in the low-mid 70s. So to get 83% is really, really good and now I know I can do it, and I know how to achieve it, I can hopefully rinse and repeat for the remainder of my modules.

My vision board for 2024

I’m not a highly hands-on creative person. So my vision board is a Pinterest board – but I believe it still works the same.

Hello, 2024

It’s quite simple, nothing too overwhelming. This year is the year I’m going to get on my feet financially, in some way or another. I made big strides last year by paying off the majority of my credit card debt and now I just need to learn to be financially responsible and get some savings behind me.

It’s mostly just positive thinking, manifestations and being generally healthier than I was before. I haven’t pinned anything to do with major dieting, just moving more and eating more nutrition. Like every year, I really would like to grow my nails (my hands are a big insecurity of mine) and I’m doing well so far.

I really do want to make small steps every day to be healthy and create the life of my dreams.

Current me VS future me

This leads me on to a brief me now, against who I hope I am this time next year.

Current me

I am working in within an agency, with an April 2024 pay rise to the new minimum wage on the horizon. I am financially wobbly, I am doing OK and I haven’t spent on my credit cards for almost a year now. I don’t know how to drive, I walk most places, and I really dream of bigger adventures. I volunteer as a Probationary Petty Officer within the Sea Cadets. I’m not uncomfortably overweight, but there is the opportunity to slim and lose a few pounds.

Future me

In a year, I hope to at least have started driving lessons. I would like to be in my final year of my degree, with graduation planned for 12 months time. I will have everything paid off and finalised, with my financial situation comfortable and savings come easier. I will have been promoted to Petty Officer. I can run a comfortable 13 minute 2.4km and I have toned up. I own things I want, rather than just what I need.

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