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Here Comes The Sun, and I Say It’s Alright

Here Comes The Sun, and I Say It's Alright

Easter bank holiday weekend was an absolute delight. It’s not often that my 4 day weekend is a full blast, all out sunshine affair and this year I took advantage to the max. Usually, sunshine is when I’m stuck indoors typing away at work. Not this year!

I’m determined not to be my pale, milk bottle self for the entirety of 2019 and I think I’ve built a foundation tan to build from. Friday I was in the sun from 10:30am, sitting listening to a bit of George Ezra with a bottle of Vimto squash in my hand. Lovely. Saturday, Sunday and Monday included very similar activities.

Because of this lovely bank holiday break in the sun, I’ve worked out how I can catch the sun as safely as possible. In no way am I encouraging slathering yourself in pure oil and baking yourself like a roast potato, it is incredibly important to remember to stay safe while in the sun.

My Top 5 Tips For Tanning

  1. Wear as little clothing as possible!
    In order to have an even tan, it’s important you wear clothes that are as small as possible in order to reduce awkward tan lines. However, remember to slip a tshirt on and some shorts and seek shade during the most sun intense part of the day.
  2. Sun cream is your friend!
    I’ve been using coconut oil to moisturise with on my face and body recently, and I’m putting this additional oil in my skin down to the fact that this year I’m tanned for the first time ever. However, stay safe & make sure you also use at least Factor 30 so you don’t fry to a crisp and have skin issues down the line.
  3. Learn to read your sun cream bottles! 
    It’s all well and good buying a Factor 50 sun lotion, but is it actually going to work? Turn the bottle of sun lotion over and read the UVA/UVB rating. This should be a star based system, and you want something that has a rating of at least 4 stars. Anything below this and you may as well not wear it. For kids especially, it’s important to make sure the sun cream is going to keep you protected.
  4. Stay hydrated!
    There’s nothing worse than feeling awful in the sun. Keep a large bottle of diluted squash or water nearby to sip on throughout the day, and don’t forget to eat either!
  5. Go indoors regularly!
    Don’t spend the entire day laying in the sun. Make sure you also go indoors to refresh and cool down slightly so you don’t overheat and ruin your day.

A Sunshine State of Mind

My happiness improves significantly as soon as I get to spend a day or two in the sun. Right now, I’m living la vida loca because I got a whole 4 days to sit and absorb as much sunlight as I wanted to.

However the weather is apparently expected to take a turn for the worst over the next week and I am not looking forward to it. My tanned arms and legs will have to go back to being covered in long sleeves and raincoats!

Let’s just say I’ll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a few more opportunities to get my pale sticks out and catch a small bit of sun again before winter returns!

Here Comes The Sun, and I Say It's Alright

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