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I’m Gagging To Get Back In My Kayak

Last year I was dragged out of the house to try something I’d never thought about before–kayaking. I thought I’d absolutely hate it, I’d fall out, I’d struggle. But no! I actually really enjoyed myself and this has me thinking…

What else have I been missing out on?

I want to get back in my kayak as soon as the weather turns nice again. I also want to try new things again this year in the hopes I find something else I enjoy.

Kayaking may not look it, but it’s a lot of strength exercise on your arms. While I may not be a fan of weight lifting, I sure am a fan of weight paddling? I think I’ve just invented something.

If someone suggested something outrageous like paint-balling or rock climbing to me last year, I’d have shot them down straight away. But actually, I think I have a heart in me for adventure and it just needs to be let out.

My personal, deep down New Years resolution for 2020 is to go outside more. Walk more. Experience more. Enjoy more.

And I can’t wait.

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