Is There An Age Limit On Nostalgia?

Is There An Age Limit On Nostalgia?

Is there an age limit on nostalgia? What is the shortest amount of time someone should be made to wait before they can start to reminisce?

As soon as someone leaves a situation and that no longer becomes what they experience as their normal, is often when someone can become nostalgic for a situation or a person. People begin to mourn and reminisce about memories with someone as soon as they pass away, so why should someone moving on from a year, a month or a day of their life be any different?

It shouldn’t be seen as childish to ‘throwback’ to a memory that was a month or a year ago. I was “called out” (if you could really call it that) for ‘throwing it back’ to when I was in high school and we got in trouble for forgetting to draw a margin in our textbooks.

Is There An Age Limit On Nostalgia?

This pathetic display of an attempt to shut me down for remembering something four years ago was simply that: pathetic. Trying to gate-keep when and how a person can have a memory is ridiculous.

I no longer associate my life with high school and someone trying to tell me that the nostalgia hasn’t actually really sunk in yet is just weird. No one knows how I feel about the four years spent trapped in a building that was home to many friendships, fallouts and memories.

Four years I spent in high school and I’ve spent four years out so I’ll be damned if someone tries to say that I’m too young to feel something nostalgic at all. People celebrate and reminisce about years gone by when still in high school.

Yes, I understand completely that nostalgia only grows as the years go by. 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 or more shouldn’t matter however about mentioning something and having a memory. Nostalgia is nostalgia no matter how long it’s been since the event happened.

I remember holidays I’ve been on last year with nostalgia. I reminisce about birthday parties I’ve had 5 years ago. My parents talk about camping trips up in Scotland they had 20 or so years ago with nostalgia. There is no age limit nor time limit to feeling nostalgic.

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