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It’s Been Real, 2021

It's Been Real, 2021

I’m not going to go into too deeper detail about 2021, because the gist of it is the earlier months made me want to end my life and I’ve never felt so depressed, isolated and worthless before. I don’t like thinking about it too deeply as it makes me cry and I’d rather not start 2022 the same way I started 2021.

I’m on an up, I’m excited for what 2022 could throw me. I’ve achieved so much in a year that tried to ruin me – I’ve proved my worth, I’ve excelled at skills I never thought I’d develop and I’ve became so much stronger.

The highs of 2021 include getting engaged to my wonderful Reece, becoming a cat mum and finding a job that treats me so right and only encourages me to be my best.

There’s only so much one person can handle, and 2021 really challenged me. But I’m challenging 2022. So be it.

My Intentions For 2022

  • I will make everyone proud
  • I can be my best every day
  • I have taken advantage of every situation in front of me

My Goals For 2022

  • Finish my first year of university
  • Earn as much money as I possibly can
  • Grow as a person overall

I’ll be using every opportunity I can to reflect and to learn, and to become the most successful version of myself I can be.

I want to become the biggest and strongest version of myself I can, so I can work towards completing this decade with my head held high knowing I did in fact try my best.

As for what I do daily, I’ll be repeating my affirmations, drinking my water and doing my exercise.

I’m more than ready for 2022.

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