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Metamorphosis Lush Bath Bomb – Lush Oxford Street Purchase Review

I wasn’t expecting to write a negative review of Lush so early on, or at all. So I’ll try and make this one as positive as possible. However, I will start with: I didn’t like metamorphosis. I wouldn’t buy it again. I’d use it if someone had bought it for me, but I wouldn’t make the effort to buy it for myself.

I was expecting something pretty spectacular from this bath bomb, after the hype it received when it first came out. However, I didn’t receive that. I know not every bath bomb is going to look like what the demos on Instagram look like, I’m not naive, however I was expecting a bit more than a muddy looking bath tub. 

When I put Metamorphosis in my bath tub, I put it into just plain, warm/hot water. It just fizzed a bit. Then a slight bit of colour came out, some pinks, some greens I think, but that didn’t last long. The outer dark bit fizzled away quite quickly, however it took a while for the entire bath bomb to fizz away. 

For some that would be a good thing, if they had a performance. But Metamorphosis just didn’t perform. 

The only good thing about this bath bomb was the glitter. You can see the colour Metamorphosis left my water, and it wasn’t impressive. There was however, a lot of glitter. I love glitter. 

Another downside to this Lush bath bomb is that it left tide marks on the side of the bath once I drained the water out. They were stubborn to remove, too. It wasn’t just a wipe and go situation, it was a scrub like your life depends on it situation. 

Have you ever used Metamorphosis? What were your thoughts?

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