My 2020 Goals & How I Plan To Achieve Them

Happy New Year! My 2020 Goals and Action Plan

Happy New Year! And with it, comes an influx of new 2020 goals, new aspirations, a new outlook on life. Call it cliché but I like to see January as a fresh start. Sure, every Monday can be a fresh start too but a new year, a new decade, has a freshly clean bedsheet feel to it.

Last year I shared my goals and aspirations, and I’m going to do the same this year to see how I get on and to hold myself accountable.

2020 Goals & Action Plan!

Spend less money…

I plan to achieve this by making more food at home to take with me to work (if I don’t leave the building for lunch, I’ll be less tempted to go shopping). I’ll also go out less, but still make sure I’m having a good time. I’m also on a PayPal ban. It’s far too easy to spend money using PayPal, so I’m tempted to delete the app and try and forget about it if I can. I’ve deleted my cards off of Apple Pay too.

Save more money…

Any money that gets taken out in cash is “spent”. So, if there’s any left overs (notes, coins) they go straight into my savings jar. I have also set up fresh new Monzo IFTTT plugins to restart on the Penny a Day Challenge I smashed last year. I’m taking a different approach this year though, and I’m starting with the higher amount instead of working my way up! I’ll see the numbers add up quicker and hopefully this should motivate me to keep on saving!

My goal is £1,000 again this year, but we’ll see how we go.

Pay off my debts!

This is a major one. I will be working hard at work to hopefully receive another pay rise this year (fingers crossed!) and budgeting myself so I can pay more than the minimum payment for all of my credit cards. My PayPal credit is my biggest downfall, and unfortunately won’t be paid off completely this year but I would like to make a significant dent into what I owe.

The healthier your relationship with credit, the better your credit score. I’m going to allow myself more open credit this year! Just in case of any major emergencies.

  • Completely pay off my Capital One credit card
  • Completely pay off my BarclayCard (aside from my monthly Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, which can be paid off immediately every month)
  • Owe less than £500 on my PayPal Credit

This also ties into saving money as the less I have to pay off, the more I can put into savings!

Take more time to myself!

Nearing the end of the working year, I realised that I still had an entire week of holiday left. This means I hadn’t taken all of my allocated holiday, and that has probably gone to waste as I don’t think it all rolls over into the new year. So! I’m going to take more spontaneous here-and-there days and weeks off to allow my brain a break!

Since I started working, I’ve been in the routine of booking a family holiday in August time and taking hardly any time off in the 7 months beforehand. This isn’t healthy! My brain needs rest!

Final thoughts on my 2020 Goals

If anything, my goals are a little more relaxed this year. I’m not going to focus too hard on dieting, but I will be making an effort to choose healthier options and take more time out to exercise. These are just minute lifestyle changes that will make a big difference to my overall wellbeing in the long run.

If you want to keep up with how I’m doing working on these goals, follow me on Twitter or Instagram!

Do you have any goals for 2020? Let me know! I’m so excited for this clean slate and to start becoming a real adult this decade.

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