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Oh boy, let’s become an adult shall we?

Oh boy, let's become an adult shall we?

I have a feeling 2024 is going to be a monumental year. Not just because the past few have been off-the-record difficult to survive at times, but because there’s things occurring.

I have opportunities and avenues opening up to me which have never opened up before. I have contacts who have contacts and are recommending me for things. I have a name, I have a reputation, and people like me?

Not only this – I have solid goals which I want to achieve for the first time in my life. I see a future, a plan, and I know what I need to do to achieve these things. For once I’m not just setting meaningless goals and aspirations for the next year. These goals have an impact not only on me but on what I can provide and impact the availability of me to others.

Reece, my partner, last year became Training Officer for the Sea Cadets where we both now volunteer. He dragged me along last summer (2022) because he’s been dying to get me to join and also I was struggling with a few things mentally. He saw I needed new opportunities and I at that point was too weak to fight against him, so I went along.

And now I’m a Probationary Petty Officer with the Sea Cadets. I stand in front of children and teach. I am a qualified first aider. My role impacts others.

I’m friends with a good couple, they’re the “parents” of our Sea Cadet unit and care for us and we care for them. They have a wealth of knowledge which I want to learn from and they’re so lovely and approachable… And ‘mummy’ is offering me an opportunity, which could become available next year.

The Opportunity

I’m not going to say out loud what this opportunity is, because it might not happen, but if it does it could in many ways change my life.

If the benefits outweigh the stress of taking this opportunity, then I’m undoubtedly going to take it. It’s a lot to think about – but it will give me further learning opportunities and a new pathway, and I’d meet new people and go onto the next stage of something earlier than I thought.

The Cadets

Next year I have a plan, and I need to train hard for it. I don’t want to overwhelm myself, because I am still going to be studying my degree and working full time – but I have loads I want to achieve.

Although, knowing what the Sea Cadet Corps are like, I may only have the opportunity to achieve a small amount of these I do know it’s good to start working on these things early.

Juniors Instructor

I have a good friend who is currently Junior Training Officer/Junior Training Lead. It’s no hidden fact that right now, she’s struggling, and I really want to know how to help her.

So I’m going to go on as many Junior Instructor training courses as possible to learn everything I can, so I can be her second in charge to the best of my ability, or provide her with the relaxing thought that it doesn’t have to all fall on her.

It can instead, fall on me.

Physical Training

Why I’ve got my heart set on this decision, I don’t know. I’ll end up making a fool of myself, but hey, if it makes the kids laugh and they enjoy themselves then that’s all that matters.

I am going to train to be a PT Instructor. This has to come in three phases; Class 3, Class 2, and Class 1. But before any of that… I need to be a runner.

I need to run 2.4k in 13 minutes (or faster). So come January, I’m hitting the gym – not to lose weight this time, but to run as fast as I can for as long as I can until I hit that goal.

Then, I start the training to be a PT Instructor and provide an additional training avenue for my unit.

Paddlesports Instructor

My first love, kayaking. My first hate, kayaking.

My marmite, kayaking.

The cadets need a paddlesports instructor. So, I will become a paddlesports instructor. I need to get in the water more. I need to shut my brain up and stick my shoes and socks under water. I need to swim. I can do all of these, but boy howdy does doing it in a river make my brain loud.

It’s over stimulating and overwhelming. I need to get past that for the cadets.

First Aid Instructor

Apparently this is a fairly straightforward instructors qualification – so I’m going to make it happen. Why not?

If it adds something to the value of me, and therefore adds opportunity for me and for the cadets, why not?

My Full P.O Rank

Overall, I need to achieve this, once and for all. I’ve been booked on so many courses, and then had them cancelled on me, that I should’ve achieved this by now.

I’m booked on, but not yet confirmed, for the final 2 core modules I need for this. My Working With Young People and then my Leadership at Sea Cadets.

That’s all I need, and then I will be a substantive rank.

The Adulting Begins

To achieve all this, I need to pretend to be an adult and get it done. No more messing around. You’ve been adult age for 6 years – so I’m no longer a toddler adult and it’s time to start maturing.

Here we go.

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