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Should Brands Care About Social Authority?

Should Brands Care About Social Authority?

As a blogger, it’s quite likely that you’ll have your own domain purchased, and are maybe interested in your domain authority. If you have no idea what domain authority is, a quick explanation is it’s a score from 0 to 100, scaling how likely you are to be on the first page of Google search. If you want a more in-depth explanation on DA and other SEO terms, this blog post by Maria J Blogs explains it all.

So… What is Social Authority? And why should brands care about it? Social Authority is quite similar to Domain Authority in the way it’s a scale of 0 to 100. However, it measures your Twitter account’s influential content.

It’s not a score on how popular you are, it’s worked out through how many retweets your most recent few hundred tweets have received, and how recent those tweets are. So, it’s essentially an engagement score.

The higher you score, the more influential you are to your audience. My score is 50 out of a possible 100. How can you work it out? Like Domain Authority, you can work out your score through a tool on, however if you pop me across a tweet or an email including a link to your Twitter, I can tell you what your Social Authority score is.

I feel that brands should start taking into consideration a blogger/influencers Social Authority score as it can show to a brand how engaged an audience is. It can be the difference between a brand spending their budget on a blogger who has bought their audience, or spending it on a blogger who receives actual engagement on their Tweets, and therefore will get the project out there and seen by real people.

As well as considering someone’s Domain Authority, on how high they rank on Google if they rank at all, it would be great to see if brands were to consider Social Authority, because it would seem more professional to take on an influencer with a good Social Authority score, compared to taking on an influencer just because they have a big following.

A 6 digit following can be faked easily, through websites selling followers for cash. It’s easy, and it’s the cheats way out. If you were to buy your followers, it’s hardly likely you’ll get any retweets or engagement with your tweets, and the followers you bought would just drop away slowly anyway, making it a waste of money. However, a Social Authority score would be a more reliable way for brands to recognise when someone has the reach they want or need for their potential collaborations with bloggers.

Find out more about Social Authority on Moz, here.

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