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The Marketing Mix & How Bloggers Can Take Advantage

The Marketing Mix & How Bloggers Can Take Advantage

Also known as the 7Ps of Marketing, the Marketing Mix focuses on ways to apply different methods and thought processes to your campaign. The 7Ps include People, Product, Process, Place, Price, Promotion and Physical Evidence. It’s important to use these throughout marketing, however all may not be relevant.

The Marketing Mix & How Bloggers Can Take Advantage

People can include: Employees; Management; Culture; Customer service.

Product can include: Design; Technology; Usefulness; Convenience; Value; Quality; Packaging; Branding; Accessories; Warranties.

Process can include: Service industries; How are the services consumed; How are they delivered to the customer?

Place can include: Retail; Wholesale; Mail order; Direct sales; Peer to peer; Multi-channel.

Price can include: Price skimming; Market penetration; Psychological pricing; Cost. 

Promotion can include: Special offers; Advertising; Endorsements; User trials; Direct mailing; Leaflets/posters; Free gifts; Competitions; Joint ventures.

Physical evidence can include: Smart; Run-down; Interface; Comfort; Facilities.

How Can Bloggers Use These? We Aren’t A Marketing Business!

Despite many objections, it’s actually fairly easy to utilise these to make the most of your blog. With your writing, and the content that you share, you’re building a brand whether you like it or not. Your name, the style, the theme, the niche all goes towards being a part of who you are and your branding.

People is fairly simple. People is you. Who you are, your tone of voice and how you talk to people. You are the face of your brand and it is important it is keeping with the ‘house style’ and how you would like your blog to be perceived by an audience.

The product is the blog, and the service you offer. Is it designed nicely? Can potential readers navigate throughout your site to find what they want? Does it look high-quality or is something bringing it down? Do you provide something useful? It may be beneficial here to you and your brand to analyse how people use your blog and the services you offer.

Process analyses how people consume your content. Is it easy to find? Are you on the first page of Google search results? Again, is it easy enough to use and to read? Do you have any issue with usability? You may want to complete a Usability Audit to ensure your site can be accessed by everyone.

Where do you share your content and where can people access it? This is place. Ensure you share what you produce and your services on a variety of platforms as this will give you the best chance at securing readers.

Price! Do you sell anything? Do you provide a client-based service? It’s necessary to consider how you price any products or services you may provide. This may not be relevant to everyone, but do you skim the market price by costing your product higher than competitors and lowering over time? This can work to your advantage by making you seem more high end and of higher quality compared to others, but it can also put you at a disadvantage by being more expensive. So do you penetrate the market with an overall bargain price? Or do you price your products psychologically so they appear cheaper? People are strangely more likely to buy something for £4.99 than £5.

How do you promote your blog and services? Do you provide discount codes for services? Do you pay for social media advertising to get more readers? Competitions work well to grow your online following.

Finally, physical evidence. It is imperative that you present your blog with an easy to navigate, comfortable to read interface. A clean, modern blog theme can do wonders for the audience and the writer.

Using marketing techniques such as laying out what your specific 7Ps are, can be majorly beneficial in understanding your own brand & niche, as well as how to present yourself in promotional content. 
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