The Promise

  Sunlight spilt through the crack in the glass window. Rainbow patterns formed on the floor. It was warm, it was bright, and it was perfect. The sun was rising early and it hurt my eyes. Pulling the thin, white sheet over my head, I backed into my boyfriend’s tight embrace.

  The feeling of being together, was greater than I had ever expected it to be, but being there in my boyfriend’s arms made me feel infinite. I could feel the vibrations of his stomach rumbling due to hunger against my lower back. I started to get up, to make us breakfast, but Harry pulled me back in.

  Telling me that it’s his turn to make us cereal, he got up instead. The bed needed to be straightened, so I got up and sorted it out. Quietly, I padded into the kitchen and grabbed my mop-haired boyfriend from behind and started to tickle him.
  “Stop it, Louis!” Harry giggled.

  “Stop what?” I held my arms up in mock surrender, “Stop this?”

  “You’re perfect, Lou…” Harry whispered, once I had stopped tickling.

  “That’s you!” I blushed. I’ve never been called perfect in my life.

  Bright sun glared through the window, blinding the both of us. Knowing the moment had passed, we both broke our hold of each other, giggling at each other. The phone started to ring. I went over to pick it up as Harry finished sorting breakfast and placing the bowls onto the table.

  “This is Roots and Trees, the local and international family reunion company for families trying to get into con-”

  I cut him off, “Look. This is a private residence, spam calls and mail all get ignored,”

  Hanging up the receiver, I muttered a few words under my breath. Why would I want to get in contact with my family? They were horrible. It’s why I left 7 months ago.

  However hard I tried, I couldn’t get it off my mind. My stale, unappetising thoughts made my cereal taste stale too, however I ate it to prove to Harry nothing was wrong. He was just being a concerned boyfriend, bless him. Non-stop phone ringing starting playing through my mind. Feeling like garbage, I kissed Harry on the cheek.

  “I’ll be back in 5,” I told him.

  Down by the bins at the bottom of the main stairs in our apartment block, I got my phone out and started to dial my brother’s number. Engaged. I cursed to myself. For once in my goddamn life, will things just go my way for longer than a week?

  My phone started to buzz. Checking who it was, I hit the decline button.

  “Wait…” I muttered to myself.

  I just accidently hung up on my boyfriend. I’ve never done that in my whole stay here in Mallorca. Feeling as torn apart and unwanted as the rubbish next to me, I took a stroll to the chip shop. The woman asked for my order.

  I reeled off the slightly mundane and overused order, “Dos patatas fritas y pescados,”

  On my way back to the Como Gran flats, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I ignored it. The sun hitting my face caused me to squint. Intensely bright in the sky, I almost had to feel my way home until I got to the enclosed staircase. Cheered me up no end though. Back in our flat, Harry was pacing back and forth between the kitchen and the couch in the living room.

  “I think you’ve got some explaining to do, Louis!” He yelled.

  “What? What have I done?” I asked, standing my ground.

  “You received a phone call while you were out. From Roots and Trees! I think you have to explain the real reason why you moved here!” Harry’s voice was still edgy and loud, but less terrifying.

  “Like I said, I wanted a change and to get away from the huge crowds of people who knew me!” Well, it wasn’t a complete lie, I guess.

  Sitting down on the couch, I soon curled up into a tight ball. Harry came over to me, and started to hold me loosely in his arms. Whispering in my ear, he told me that he understood and that it will be okay. He reached into his pocket and fished around. I got up to put our lunch on plates, instead of just leaving it on the floor where I dropped it when Harry shouted.

  “Louis, what a second,” Harry called.

  “What, Harry?” I grumbled.

  He walked over to me, grabbing my hands in each of his. “I know I was horrible, shouting like that. I understand that we all have secrets, so…” Harry got down on one knee, pulling a small black box from his pocket. “I promise to love you forever and to never make you feel uncomfortable ever again,”

  Harry opened the box and produced ring. It was beautiful. The band of metal caught in the sun, and shined flawlessly. I couldn’t have picked a better ring myself.

  “I promise to love and be with you forever. Do you promise, too?”

  “I promise.”

  With that, Harry pushed the promise ring gently onto my finger, then we both leaned in for a kiss. 
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